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Our factory primarily specializes in the production of precious metal products, including platinum rhodium lines for divisions S, R, and B, as well as a wide range of laboratory testing products such as platinum, yellow gold, silver, and others. Additionally, we manufacture practical equipment like nickel chromium alloys, iron chromium alloys, wires, tapes, foils that are specifically designed for electric heating treatments (such as heat storage furnaces and industrial heat treatment furnaces) used in automotive applications.

Management idea

Promote the innovation and deepening of enterprise products, enhance inter-enterprise exchanges and cooperation, bolster export capacity and research and development capabilities, expand sales in related fields, as well as assimilate advanced technologies from both internal and external sources.

Manufacturing technique

The sentence after polishing: “Embodying the principles of concentration, focus, and professionalism, we strive for meticulous craftsmanship and excellence. From sourcing raw materials to production, processing, transportation, and distribution – our one-stop assembly line operations meticulously control every link and detail of the production process to ensure top-notch product quality.”

Team innovation

Adhere to a market-oriented approach and vigorously implement a management policy that prioritizes the needs of the people. Foster top-notch, high-quality management and technical talents in the industry, while establishing a robust professional team.

Product superiority

 “Quality is the cornerstone of our enterprise, and we are committed to delivering products that exceed customer expectations. Our company takes pride in independently producing, processing, and selling a diverse range of high-quality products to meet the unique needs and demands of our customers.”

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